What is Ideas by TradeSmith?

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Ideas by TradeSmith is a web-based application that empowers Individual Investors with the tools to research investments and mitigate risks like a professional.

Ideas by TradeSmith is 100% math-based.

Our goal is to help investors take the emotion out of investing and make more money using your personal risk comfort zone & customized research.

Ideas by TradeSmith will not initiate any trades for you! We give you the tools to find investments that may be good fits for your portfolios.


  • Market Health – gives you an idea of when you can cruise along and be happy with your current investments or know when it’s time to be on the watch for potential market turbulence.
  • Ideas Lab – find some of the best of the best equities based on our research, without having to do all the hard work yourself.
  • Newsletters – we’ll help you analyze stocks from your favorite newsletters using our back-tested and proven algorithms and strategies.
  • Stock Finder – find the best positions for you based on your own preferences.