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You can add positions to TradeStops from the Position Size Calculator.

These buttons will link Ideas by TradeSmith to your TradeStops account. Once you click either of these buttons, you’ll be brought to TradeStops. If you aren’t already logged into TradeStops, you’ll then be prompted to do so.


You can now see which billionaires hold a position and how many strategies a position matches.


We have released a Dashboard inside Ideas by TradeSmith. It helps you get a quick sense on how things stand in the market. We’ve broken this dashboard into multiple sections to make the data easy to analyze and understand.

The new sections include:

  • Overall market health – including indexes, sectors, and commodities.
  • Trending stocks – updated every 2 hours based on what subscribers are searching for in TradeSmith.
  • Ideas Lab Recent Results – shows you stocks that have recently met Ideas Lab strategy requirements.
  • Newsletter Recent Recommendations – see the latest tickers recommended by the newsletters you subscribe to.
  • Stock Finder Filters – pre-saved and custom filters to help you find great, new stock ideas.

For more information, please review our Knowledge Base article.

You can now also apply pre-saved filters in the Stock Finder when searching for new stock ideas.

pre-saved filters

  • All Ideas Lab Results – select all positions from Ideass Lab and sort them based on days in SSI state.
  • Billionaire Bargains – this will look at positions held by Billionaire investors. These positions must also be part of the Low Risk Runner Strategy, be in the SSI Green or Yellow Zone, and be trending sideways or up based on the SSI Trend. The results will be sorted based on days in SSI state.
  • Short and Put Opportunities – these positions must be in the SSI Red Zone. They also must have a Kinetic VQ ratio greater than 100%. The results will be sorted based on days in SSI state.
  • Green Profitable Dividend Growers – these positions must meet the dividend growers strategy requirements. They also must have a PE greater than 0. The results will be sorted based on days in SSI state.

You can also set up your own personal filters at the bottom of the page. Simply select your filters, click save at the bottom of the page, and give the filter a name.

save your filter

You can then use your pre-saved filter in the drop-down at the top of the Stock Finder page.

New strategy filters have also been added to the Stock Finder.

Simply click the strategies that you’d like to include in your filter.


We’ve updated the Stock Finder filters to now include international exchanges.

international selection

In Country of Exchange, simply click the + sign to see additional countries. You’ll also be able to see international indexes in the Index filter.

Also, in our Newsletter center, your selection criteria will now be saved after viewing the Position Card Page(s) from your results.

newsletter selection


You can now see the SSI distribution on the chart in the Market Outlook section of our program.

SSI distribution


You can now see the number of recommended newsletters in Ideas Lab.

newsletter lists

Just click the hyperlinked number to see which newsletter(s) the position appears in.


We have added a back button on the Position Card Page when you search for a ticker.

back button

Just click the arrow to go back.

We’ve also added a filter to the Newsletter center. You can now filter by your newsletter publishers.


Simply click the Newsletters button to see the list of publishers. You can remove a publisher by clicking the X to the left of a publisher name.


Ideas by TradeSmith 2.0 has gone live. We’ve added some great new functionality to the program that we think you’re really going to love. To learn about all the changes, please watch the video below.


We recently added the functionality to see newsletter results in the Stock Finder. We took this an extra step by letting you choose your newsletters.

newsletter selection area in Stock Finder

Once you select “Yes” for newsletter recommendations, you can see your newsletters.


On the Stock Finder, you can now filter based on your newsletter recommendations.

newsletter recommendations


We added the following functionality:

  • Click ticker symbols from within the program to be brought to the Position Card Page
  • Ideas Lab has been organized between Ideas Strategies and Investment Strategies

We added the following functionality:

  • Printing and Exporting Ideas Lab and the Stock Finder results
  • Kinetic VQ and Latest Close filters on the Stock Finder
  • The ability to add specific tickers from Ideas by TradeSmith to TradeStops
  • SSI Distribution hover-over within the Stock Health area

The release of Ideas by TradeSmith! Welcome to the family. Login & begin discovering the full potential of the product.