What does Ideas Lab Cover?

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Ideas Lab contains various investment methods based on core TradeSmith algorithms and research. Here, you can find several methods.

  • Best of the Billionaires – When multiple billionaires choose a stock, there is a lot of conviction behind that stock. We call this our “conviction” factor and pair that with our algorithms to find the best investment ideas based off of the billionaires that we track in our system.
  • Kinetic VQ – When the VQ for a company rises above the long-term average VQ of the company, it’s an indication that there is extra “worry” about the company. This extra “worry” is like kinetic energy that builds up in the market.
  • Low Risk Runners – Low Risk Runners have fallen into the SSI Yellow Zone AND then have proven their strength by rising back out of the Yellow Zone into the Green Zone.
  • Sector Selects – The Sector Selects model leverages the Stock State Indicator (SSI) system both at the individual equity level AND at the sector level to bring you a powerful set of investment ideas made up of great performing companies in great performing sectors.
  • Dividend Growers – This dashboard helps you find stocks with strong income potential based on the current health of the stock and consistent dividend growth performance over the last five years. You can now find dividend growers that have positive momentum in one place.
  • Growth – These investment ideas identify stocks with strong growth potential based the stock’s current health, our algorithms, and industry best practices to measure each stock’s fundamentals.
  • Value – Value investors can now combine value stocks with positive momentum to narrow down their choices. Our Value tool shows you stocks that are in good health based on our algorithms and that match industry best practices, measuring each stock’s fundamentals.