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In the Stock Finder, you can apply pre-saved filters or even create your own.

At the top of the Stock Finder, you’ll find the pre-saved filters. Simply click the drop-down box to select a filter.


Clicking one of these options will apply the filters and give you a list of results.

Here are what the filters will look for:

  • All Ideas Lab Results – select all positions from Ideas Lab and sort them based on days in SSI state.
  • Billionaire Bargains – this will look at positions held by Billionaire investors. These positions must also be part of the Low Risk Runner Strategy, be in the SSI Green or Yellow Zone, and be trending sideways or up based on the SSI Trend. The results will be sorted based on days in SSI state.
  • Green Profitable Dividend Growers – these positions must meet the dividend growers strategy requirements. They also must have a PE greater than 0. The results will be sorted based on days in SSI state.
  • Gearing up for Green – these positions are in the SSI Red Zone, are trending either up or sideways, and have a VQ under 60%. They will be sorted by descending volume.


You can also save your own filters.

Once you’ve selected some filters that you’d like to work with, click the “Save my filters” button at the bottom of the page.

save your filter


In the pop-up that appears, give your filter a name. Then, save the filter.

filter example

Now, your custom filter will be available in the pre-saved drop-down box on the top of the screen.