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Ideas Lab includes options

You can find option positions in the Kinetic VQ and Low Risk Runner methods. We will list the options that meet our criteria for the methodology that you’re viewing.

hyperlinked options

Simply click the hyperlinked numbers to view the options associated with the positions. We’ll show you the ticker, strike price, expiration, trigger price, trigger date, and latest close for the option.

option example

Please note that these options should not be taken as investment advice, and you should always contact your financial professional before making any financial investment.

Here are the rules for options within ideas Lab.

1. This is a bullish stock replacement strategy using call options.
2. Option expiration must be at least 10 months out.
3. Call option strike price should be the highest strike price that is within the stock’s SSI Yellow Zone.
4. Bid price on option must be less than $20.
5. Gain in option price since the stock first showed up in Ideas must be less than 30%.
6. Once the option is bought, there is no initial trailing stop. The entire premium becomes the amount at risk.
7. After the option has achieved a 100% gain, the trailing stop on the position is 50%.
8. Sell the option one day before expiration date if option has not stopped out.