Kinetic VQ Questions

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  1. Are the Kinetic VQ positions to be bought and held until they go red?
    • You can follow the SSI strategy for the Kinetic VQ positions. Once the position goes red, you could evaluate at that time whether you want to sell.
  2. How often do the positions in the Kinetic VQ strategy change?
    • Our algorithms will run the Kinetic VQ strategy on our database of stocks daily. The sorting of the Top 20 stocks is based on time in the SSI state. Newer matches will be sorted toward the top. In addition, if a current stock no longer meets the requirements, it will be removed.
  3. Is there a way for me to track positions that are/were in the Kinetic VQ strategy that I’m interested in?
    • With Ideas by TradeSmith, you’re able to transfer positions that you’re interested in to your TradeStops account. That way, you can track your positions without having to download the entire Kinetic VQ list — you can track just the positions of interest. Once moved to TradeStops, you can see how the positions are performing in relation to our SSI and VQ algorithms.